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Oregon Lottery to Roll Out Sports Betting App Ahead of 2019 NFL Season

The Oregon Lottery has decided to bring legal sports betting to the state ahead of the 2019 NFL season, it emerged earlier this week

At first, residents of the state will be able to place bets via a mobile app. The Lottery has also explained that bettors will only be able to pick the winners of one sporting event or another, either outright or against the spread. Additional betting options will be rolled out at a later stage, it became known.

The Oregon Lottery’s plans include the authorization of in-game wagering at betting kiosks located at bars and restaurants around the northwestern state. At present, such food and beverage facilities feature video lottery terminals.

Sports betting was available, to an extent, in Oregon for nearly two decades. Back in 1989, the Oregon Lottery introduced the so-called Sports Action betting game that allowed people to wager on NFL matches, but only in a parlay format that required three winning picks to claim a prize. Single-game betting was not available via the Lottery’s game.

NBA games were then added to Sports Action, but were removed shortly after as the Basketball Association moved to sue the Oregon Lottery. Sports Action was banned in 2007 as Oregon sought to become the host of the NCAA basketball tournament and the sports betting game could have hampered its plan.

Start of Sports Betting Actions

As already mentioned, a state-operated sports betting app is set to go live this fall, perhaps ahead of the new NFL season. The app will also accept bets on other professional sports. Local news outlet KATU News reported earlier this week that gambling on collegiate sports will not be available via the app.

Oregon Lottery spokesperson Matthew Shelby was quoted saying that allowing betting on college sporting events would not be in the state’s best interest, partly because Oregon universities get funds from lottery proceeds.

Mr. Shelby also said that the Oregon Lottery still has no projections of how legal sports betting operations will perform and how much revenue they could bring every year. The state-owned agency is also yet to determine how sports betting revenue will be allocated and whether it will be earmarked for particular programs or will be referred to the Lottery’s overall funds.

In comments to local media outlets, Mr. Shelby expressed optimism that the state’s regulated sports betting market would be able to overtake the black market.

News about Oregon getting ready to join the sports betting mix arrive days ahead of this weekend’s big game that will see the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. According to experts, the amount of $6 billion will be wagered illegally during Super Bowl LIII, which roughly equals to what was bet legally across the United States last year.

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