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Archive for January 14th, 2019

MassGaming Completes Steve Wynn Probe, Nevada Lawsuit Delays Publication of Findings

Nevada lawsuit filed by Mr. Wynn hampers the publication of Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s probe into multiple sexual allegations against the businessman

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has completed its probe into the multiple sexual harassment allegations leveled against Las Vegas casino billionaire Steve Wynn, it became known during a Thursday meeting of the regulatory body.

However, the commission will not release its report based on the investigation before its legal team assesses a recent ruling by a Nevada judge that blocks the publication of any of the regulator’s findings.

David Mackey of Anderson Kreiger, a Boston-based firm that represents the commission in the Nevada court, said on Thursday that he is to receive a written version of the judge’s ruling and that MassGaming investigators will assess it and discuss what should be removed from the report. Gaming Commission Executive Director Ed Bedrosian said that work on the probe was otherwise finalized.

MassGaming launched its probe into Mr. Wynn last January, just days after the Wall Street Journal published a report detailing multiple sexual misconduct and sexual harassment allegations made by former and current employees of Wynn Resorts against the casino mogul. Mr. Wynn is the founder of the Las Vegas gaming and hospitality giant and served as its CEO and Chairman up until February 2018. The disgraced businessman has repeatedly denied any sexual harassment allegations brought up against him.

In November, Mr. Wynn filed a legal motion in the Clark County District Court against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, its chief investigator, Karen Wells, and Wynn Resorts. The embattled billionaire argued that his company gave the gaming regulator’s investigative team documents that violated attorney-client privilege.

MassGaming planned to release its findings in December, but Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez temporarily blocked the publication of the commission’s report, saying that she wanted all involved parties to provide their comments on the matter and more evidence before she made a final decision.

Earlier this month, Judge Gonzalez extended the ban, saying that she was “limiting what the state of Massachusetts can rely upon, share or utilize”, until she decided whether the information contained in MassGaming’s report was indeed privileged.

Regulator Considers Next Steps

Commissioners briefly discussed their next actions during their Thursday meeting and are expected to further discuss the matter at a Tuesday executive session. Lawyers representing the regulatory body in the Nevada court are to provide suggestions for further legal strategies.

Mr. Mackey said Thursday that he believed it was not appropriate for a Nevada court to be exercising power over a Massachusetts government agency. He presented his case before Judge Gonzalez last week.

Over the course of its investigation, MassGaming tried to collect evidence on whether Wynn Resorts had any previous knowledge of the allegations against its top official and how it responded to those. The Commission is looking to determine whether the Las Vegas company is suitable to hold a casino license in Massachusetts.

Wynn Resorts is currently building a $2.6-billion integrated resort in the city of Everett in the Greater Boston area. Company representatives said earlier this week that the luxury property is 90% complete and on track to open doors in late June. However, depending on the findings of MassGaming’s investigative team, the gaming operator could lose its license to operate the casino resort.

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Sam Greenwood Takes Down 2019 PCA $100,000 Super High Roller

Sam Greenwood outwits 60 tournament entries to emerge victorious in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller for $1.77 million

With live tournament earnings of more than $14.1 million, multiple poker titles, and a career spanning more than a decade, Sam Greenwood has already made a name for himself as one of live tournament poker’s greatest.

Last night, the player cemented that reputation with another big victory in a big tournament. The Canadian poker pro took down one of the biggest-ever PCA $100,000 Super High Rollers for a first-place prize of $1,775,460 and a shiny PokerStars trophy.

The player emerged victorious after three days of action that concluded with a short heads-up against Denmark’s Henrik Hecklen.

Greenwood had a spectacular run last year. Back in the spring of 2018, the player won three high rollers over the course of two weeks. He first took down the partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona €50,000 Super High Roller for €1 million. Then he won the WPT Amsterdam €6,000 High Roller for €125,785. And he finally outwitted the field of the EPT Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller for his career’s largest cash of €1.52 million.

All in all, Greenwood collected more than $5 million in live tournament earnings last year, a mind-boggling result he might be looking to improve this year. And he is certainly off to a strong start with last night’s triumph in one of the most popular high roller events on the poker calendar.

How He Won the Title

This year’s PCA Super High Roller drew 61 entries, including 13 re-entries. By the time cards were thrown in the air for a final day of action on Saturday at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, there were just five players left in contention, Greenwood being among them.

The eventual champion was near the bottom of the temporary leaderboard with the fourth largest stack of 2.675 million at the beginning of yesterday’s action. However, he quickly emerged as the chip leader after winning a key hand that turned the course of the game.

Chris Hunichen was actually the one to entered Day 3 as the chip leader. The player was well-positioned to take an aim at the title, but his ambitions got crushed by Greenwood on the second hand of the day. Hunichen’s [Ad][Ks] clashed into Greenwood’s pocket aces to see the latter move north of 7.3 million chips.

As for Hunichen, he survived to eventually finish 4th and collect $627,340 for his efforts. It was Talal Shakerchi who was the first to exit the tournament on Day 3. The player scooped $485,300 for his second six-figure payout this week. Shakerchi finished eighth in the inaugural PokerStars Players Championship for a little over $500,000.

Once Jesus Cortes was eliminated in third place for $828,560, it was between Greenwood and Hecklen to determine the Super High Roller champion. Greenwood entered heads-up with a stack seven times bigger than that of his opponent and never really gave Hecklen the chance to improve.

The short battle ended with a hand on which Greenwood was dealt pocket sevens to his Danish opponent’s [Ad][6d]. Chips went all in and a blank board knocked Hecklen out of the race. The player, who emerged victorious in the EPT Prague €10,000 High Roller last month, was awarded $1,284,260 for his runner-up in the PCA Super High Roller.

As for Greenwood, it was time for him to celebrate his latest triumph. The player was cheered from the rail by his mother, father, and brother Luc, also a well-known poker player.

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