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Jake Bazeley Claims His Second WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event Title

Jake Bazeley wins second WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event title, outlasts a massive 1,127-person field

Following four days of action at Harrah’s Cherokee North Carolina, Jake Bazeley took down the latest WSOP Circuit Main Event for a cash prize of $311,616 and a shiny gold ring. Exactly four years ago, the player from Cincinnati, Ohio topped the field of the same event at the same host casino for his debut gold ring from the series.

Commenting on his latest poker success and on doubling the Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event title, Bazeley said that this time he felt more prepared for what he got himself into and more comfortable as he had been there before.

Back in 2014, Bazeley entered the Main Event through its first starting flight, maintained a marginal stack, and eventually scooped the title. This time around, the player entered through Flight B, ended the starting flight stage with the third-largest stack, and despite a somewhat poor start of Day 3, when he was occupying the bottom half of the chip counts chart, the player navigated quite easily through that final day to eventually scoop the title.

The Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event, traditionally one of the busiest on the WSOP Circuit schedule, drew 1,127 participants this time around and they created a massive prize pool of $1,707,405. There were payouts for the top 117 finishers.

Day 3 Recap

The final day of the major tournament kicked off at noon local time on Monday with 15 survivors from the previous days and Kyle Cartwright as the chip leader. Cartwright was vying for gold ring number eighth and WSOP Circuit Main Event title number four and he came really close to winning those.

Action unfolded quite quickly at the host casino. It was not long before the final table of nine was set. And it took a relatively short time before the field was reduced to just five players. Pace then slowed down significantly as none of the remaining hopefuls was ready to give up on the title or at least on a higher payout that easily.

All of the players left at the table at the time had their double-up moments, chips swung back and forth for a while, until Mai Chaitib departed in fifth place for $81,904. Ian Holt and Toby Boas left not long after, good for $107,567 and $143,012, respectively.

With that, Bazeley and Cartwright were the only two players left around the event’s final table. Bazeley headed into heads-up with a massive chip lead. Cartwright managed to double up at the start of the match and to lock up some chips to play with. Both players played for a title that would further cement their WSOP Circuit success.

However, it was Bazeley who had the last say in the end. He tabled pocket tens against Cartwright’s [Ac][Qh] on what turned out to be the final hand in play. A board of [10c][7c][2h][Jh][4d] rolled out to secure Bazeley with the title, his second one from the WSOP Circuit, a second one he won at Harrah’s Cherokee.

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Disney Veteran to Build $3.5-Billion Paradise City in Spain’s Extremadura Region

The mega resort will feature casino gambling, diverse entertainment options, and a Formula One track, among other facilities

Former Disney Vice President John Cora announced yesterday that his Cora Global development company would build a $3-plus-billion mega resort in the Spanish region of Extremadura. The property will occupy a 1,200-hectare site in the town of Castilblanco.

Prior to founding Cora Global Concepts in Southern California in 2006, Mr. Cora had served as Vice President of The Walt Disney Company in the period between 1963 and 2001 and as Vice President of Disneyland Resort between 1984 and 2001. He was among the main proponents for the construction of a EuroDisney theme park in Spain. The project eventually landed in Paris.

News emerged on Monday that Mr. Cora’s real estate development company is now looking to build an integrated resort in the Extremadura region. The property will feature casino gambling, among other entertainment activities. The implementation of the massive scheme was made possible under a recently approved regional law, Ley Extremeña de Grandes Instalaciones de Ocio (LEGIO), that offers tax incentives to gaming venues that are established as part of larger development projects.

During a Monday press conference, Mr. Cora together with Extremadura President Guillermo Fernández Vara provided more details about the multi-billion-dollar project.

Elysium City

Borrowing from Greek mythology, Mr. Cora and his company aim to develop a true paradise on 1,200 hectares of land. The integrated resort project will be carried out in two phases. Now as Cora has received approval from the Extremadura government, construction work on the first phase is expected to begin within the next six months. Developers are targeting 2023 completion of phase one. The second phase is expected to be finalized by 2028.

Phase one of Elysium City will feature an 18-hole golf course, a football stadium with capacity for 40,000 spectators, a three- and a five-star hotels, a casino, a small marina, an adventure water park, and a theme park, among other amenities. Cora said yesterday that it would invest around $1.5 billion in the first phase of its ambitious project. That original stage of the plan is expected to create around 15,000 new jobs. There is still no information on who will operate the casino portion of the mega resort.

The amount of $2 billion will be spent on phase two and it will involve the construction of more hotels, residential towers, floating islands, a larger marina, a convention center, a Formula One track, among others. As mentioned earlier, construction is expected to be completed in 2028. The second phase will create between 40,000 and 50,000 new jobs, according to early projections.

The Elysium City’s official website reads that it will be “the first major smart sustainable city project in Europe planned and built from scratch, considering the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN” and the largest of its kind on an international scale.

Developers did not provide information where financing for the project would come from, but said that they have begun their search for financial backers.

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Cayman Islands Gambling Law to Undergo Comprehensive Review

Cayman Islands lawmakers move to review the nation’s gambling law more than 50 years after it was last amended

The proposed review of the Cayman Islands’ existing gambling law has been stalled as lawmakers are looking to inspect additional aspects of that law and propose further changes, local news outlet the Cayman News Service reported on Monday.

Legislators introduced in October the Gambling (Amendment) Bill 2018, a legislative piece aiming to roll out further restrictions and tougher penalties for those who provide or engage in illegal gambling activities. Under the proposed legislation, fines for the ownership or use of illegal gambling premises, the publication of lottery numbers, and handling proceeds from gambling activities would increase from $400 to a whooping $10,000. In addition, prison term for violators would increase from one to three years.

The penalty for people who are caught gambling would leap from $10 to $2,500 and they could face up to six months in jail. It is important to note that gambling is illegal under Cayman Islands law. That law was last amended in the 1960s.

The amendment bill was introduced at the end of October and was supposed to be reviewed by the General Assembly last month. However, the piece of legislation did not end up in the legislature’s order paper. Local media outlets reported that lawmakers have revealed they were looking to amend other provisions in the existing law in addition to the proposed increased penalties.

Cayman Islands Attorney General Samuel Belgin has said in a recent statement that the government was looking further into the nation’s gambling law with a view to introduce more changes. The official has not specified what these changes would involve.

Lawmaker Slams Proposed Penalties

While it is yet to be seen what other amendments the government would look to introduce, a key lawmaker voiced criticism over the proposed increased penalties. Opposition leader Ezzard Miller said last month that the proposed amendments were “draconian” and attempted to “find a solution for the wrong problem.”

Mr. Miller went on to say that the global and national gambling landscape has changed drastically since 1964 when the gambling law was last amended and that a lot of Cayman Islands residents are now gambling online or playing various US lotteries.

According to the politician, the government should adopt a different approach in dealing with illegal gambling than looking to crack down on something that is hard to police. Mr. Miller said he believes those members of society who can least afford it would turn into the main target of the crackdown.

The opposition leader instead proposed the legalization, regulation, and taxation of lotteries, stating that the activity is already quite popular around the nation, with local stores, gas stations, and even barber shops selling lottery tickets illegally. Mr. Miller said a 30% tax rate would be reasonable enough and would provide revenue for different good causes.

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The post Cayman Islands Gambling Law to Undergo Comprehensive Review appeared first on Casino News Daily.

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